a wellness blog for people who have a favorite breakfast wine


I believe in meditation and moderation.

In self-care and in shift drinks.

In rosé all day and daily affirmations.

I take not taking things seriously pretty seriously. 

I (still) believe in champagne with breakfast.

My name is Doniree. I’m a restaurant professional and wellness + lifestyle blogger based in Portland, OR, and my goal is to build a balanced life around these three points:

  • food + beverage + hospitality
  • healthy, sustainable living + wellness
  • travel + freedom
Summer 2016 at Penner Ash in Newberg, OR AKA, me in my element

Here’s how I became a wine-swilling marketing yogi with a passion for holistic health

The road that brought me here is long and winding, but here’s what you need to know in a nutshell:

I have a degree in Psychology and a minor in Strategic Communications, which landed me a job in advertising in my hometown of Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota. After I realized that spending someone else’s advertising budget wasn’t really my soul’s calling, I turned to the thing that saved my mental health and kept me balanced: yoga.

Yoga brought me peace of mind during that intense career, and inspired me to incorporate a mindful addition of wellness practices into my life. As such, I completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training through Core Power Yoga in 2009 and am currently working toward a holistic health coaching certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which I plan to complete by September 2018.

When I moved to Portland in 2010, my desire to monetize blogging about the food and drink industry (another side passion of mine) lead me to Raven & Rose where I was quickly swept up in the bar business. Instead of writing about food and drinks, I found myself serving them at one of Portland’s most beloved restaurants, which gave me greater insight to my desire to combine wellness with wine. When I’m not in the restaurant, you can find me scouting happy hours, on a river, and exploring this great city.

Namaste at the Bar

I live my life at two diverse ends of the spectrum: one involves the indulgent, fast-paced life of a restaurant professional, and the other places me calmly in the middle of my yoga mat (or sweating my way through an hour of Orange Theory). After earning my yoga certification in 2009 and moving to Portland the following year, I created a niche writing about food, wine, travel, balancing my day-to-day life with mindful wellness practices like yoga, meditation and holistic healing. Life is a balancing act.

I Love…

…  rosé, oysters, road trips, being on water, being in nature, happy hour, yoga, journaling (big fan of Morning Pages and 750words.com), subscription boxes (like StitchFix, FabFitFun, Le Tote, Winc, and Mighty Nest), summer, fall, peanut M&Ms, chocolate-covered pretzels, coffee, Orange Theory Fitness, The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight, memoirs (especially by boss ass women), travel, and my 14-year-old black cat, Roxy.